Tim Turk


In my experience, I have attended many camps all over the world. I feel that in Jelgava the Bartulis and Skrastins camp offers the opportunity for all ages and levels of players to attend and improve their skills while having fun at the same time. High profile(famous) national team players are attending every day! This a treat for the players attending the camp. I talk about this camp all the time and try to let others know that they should do camps just like the Bartulis and Skrastins camp in Latvia! When I work at a hockey camp for the first time, usually and in the past the camp organizers would ask me or re-invite me to “come back” and work again. In this case “I ASKED TO COME BACK”! Everyone in Jelgava makes you feel warm and welcome Oskars has done a great job to ensure that everyone is happy and looked after. Also I had a personal attachment to Karlis and because of my new found friendship with Oskars and Karlis I will keep coming back as long as they will have me. As I said, I have worked at many camps all over the world for many years. One of the main reasons that the Bartulis and Skrastins camp is very successful is the organization from Oskars and Juris to Baiba and all the young instructors who help to reinforce all the techniques and terminologies we are introducing to the players. It takes very hard work to prepare and execute a camp of this size and everyone here makes it look easy!